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Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey, I want me one of these. Check out her pics. But first check out her video, above, as lead singer of In This Moment, performing "Whore". I recommend watching on full screen for a better viewing experience.

I hereby present, to the priorly uninitiated, one of my latest, happiest discoveries. Maria Brinks, bombshell extraordinaire. 



This lady deserves more respect than she has been shown lately. It's not that I agree with the things she has said so much as I deplore the manner in which she has been trashed, and the exaggerated manner in which her words have been twisted and interpreted by people with an axe to grind.

I go into more detail on this post on the Athenesword main page, so I won't repeat myself here. I do however urge you to check out her Twitter account and her website, which I might put a link to on the sidebar of this blog section.

In the meantime, for you all-American males out there-


Friday, May 30, 2014


It's good to know some actresses aren't afraid to show their true faces to the world. Of course, as we can see here, Drew Barrymore doesn't exactly have anything to be ashamed of.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I have returned, for better or for worse, so let us proceed with my shameless yet gratifying worship of that most demonic of species-the human female. Let's hear it now for Maria Brink, the lead singer and founder of the Albany New York based metal band In This Moment.


I won't go so far as to say I'm in love. However, I do love her for everything I hate her for. Right now, that would be for getting my dick hard over the internet.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


All you have to do is watch this speech by Allison Lundergan Grimes, Democratic Party candidate for US Senate seat from Kentucky, and you can see why the Republican Party is worried. This is especially true of Kentucky Senator and Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who is up for re-election this year, almost certainly against Grimes.

Does this lady have what it takes to unseat the incumbent McConnell. I think she does, frankly, so I think we all deserve to take a good, long look at the woman who might in time come to represent Kentucky for a good many years. The GOP is taking her so seriously that recently a NRSC staffer was summarily fired from his position for retweeting this photoshopped pic of Allison's face superimposed on the body of the so-called ObamaGirl.
The point of the pic, childish though it arguably is, is that she would be an "ObamaGirl" for a state where Obama has always been very unpopular. I suppose we can forgive the GOP for not having much of a sense of humor these days. Grimes has asserted that she would be an independent voice for Kentucky and has criticized such initiatives as the President's Affordable Care Act, and has come out as a solid supporter of guns (at least when it comes to hunting rights, though it's not clear how far beyond this her support for the Second Amendment goes. (If she's like almost every other Democrat, we can assume not very far). She has also been criticized for an alleged action by her father, former Kentucky State Democratic Party Chairmen (and former President Bill Clinton friend and confidant) Jerry Lundergan. The story goes that Lundergan, who lost his position in the party after he was convicted of profiting through his catering business and political connections, bribed a potential Democratic Party rival of Allison to drop out fo the race against her, sending word by way of a courier that Jerry "was good to his friends". Grimes and her campaign has vociferously denied the charges.

However, it is the prevailing wisdom among Democrats, nationally as well as statewide, that Jerry Lundergan could simultaneously be Allison's biggest asset as well as her biggest liability. After all, Grimes is a man who was put on trial for ethics violations and relinquished his chairmanship of the state Democratic Party at the request of then Kentucky Governor Wallace Wilkinson, whom he had helped elect. He also lost his Kentucky House seat over the affair, in which he was accused of profiting through his catering business and his political connections. It all ended in a mistrial, but one of Lundergans longtime childhood friends and supporters was later convicted of jury tampering.

 Despite all this, Democrats are standing behind Grimes, and seem poised to expend large sums of money for the purpose of unseating the hated Mitch McConnell and sending Grimes to Washington in his stead. This in fact is the overarching goal of both state and national Democrats, to the extent that even the three decade long rivalry between Jerry Lundergan and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has been put on hold, as Beshear has recently come out in solid support of Allison against McConnell. The Democrats are indeed smelling blood, as the injured McConnell seems to be at his lowest ebb of support in recent memory. If things hold true to form, then Allison Lundergan Grimes, a career lawyer with a two-year resume in Frankfort as Secretary of State, might well be on her to becoming a political giant slayer. And you don't get any more goddess-like than that.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


 It seems fitting to start this blog about women with a perfect example of a ginned up controversy, aimed at a former child star who has suddenly grown up, some would insist in not exactly the right way.

What's so bad about the preceding video is, of course, nothing. Other than the fact that it is performed by Miley Cyrus. Otherwise, it would have attracted scant notice. Frankly, I like it. Cyrus is a talented singer and performer, even if the music backing her is a little on the plastic pop side. But that's really beside the point, which is that this video is another excuse for the hordes of Cyrus detractors to pretend at ripping out yet more of their already thinning hair. So what is this bullshit all about?

 A young girl grows up to engage in adult behavior, and a vocal minority goes ape shit over the supposed loss of "innocence" and the "bad influence" this might exert over Miley Cyrus's youthful idolators-er, I mean fans. One stupid fuck even suggested a massive bonfire for anything that featured Miley Cyrius and/or her former alter-ego, Hannah Montana. You have to wonder, did these morons not see this shit coming down the road? Did they think the packaged version of Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montana, was going to go on forever?
The first clue should have been with the photo-shoot she did for Vanity Fair, which included this provocative pose she did with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Yep, that's right folks, her right arm is on, or dangerously, sensuously close to her daddy's COCK! And yes, she was fifteen at the time.

And in the same photo-shoot, she contributed this "topless" photo, although her teenage mammmaries were actually covered quite sufficiently, as one can plainly discern.-if you can just bring yourself to look closely enough. No offense intended towards Miss Cyrus, but, well, there's nothing there.

Yet, this did not ease the massive storms of outrage that poured out from the terrified parents of Hannah Montana fans, outraged at the prospect that Miley Cyrus was sure to lead their young daughters into the throes of whoredom..

It seems in retrospect to have only been a matter of time before  she was revealed as a budding party girl, and sure enough, here she is smoking salvia for her eighteenth birthday, while a "friend" encourages her to bare her soul, doubtless hoping for an outpouring of repressed filth and debauchery. Ironically, while she was in this state, obviously high, Cyrus acted in a relatively benign manner, compared to what was to come.

Should we have really been shocked, then, to find out that she smoked a joint during her acceptance speech at the MTV European Music Awards? That should have been a sure fire indication this whole schtick is one big act geared to stir up controversy, as well as ticket and album sales. I mean, really. Who smokes a joint in public, before an audience?

More recently, there was the atrocious performance at the VMA Awards with Robin Thicke, which was so horrendous, especially on an artistic level, that I won't deign to pollute this blog by embedding the recorded video, although here is the link if you insist on being "entertained" by what has got to be the most shamelessly exploitative act in the history of televised awards shows, which is definitey an accomplishment in it's own right. The most controversial aspect of this song-and-dance, in which she grinds her ass into the crotch of Robin Thicke, is just the most notable segment of a truly sickening act of debauchery, with no real point other than to shock, and if the truth were known, to outrage and disgust.

So why does she do it? It's easy to whine and scream that she is a young girl who is being taken advantage of by unscrupulous jackals, and there is a great deal of truth to this, but the hard and sad truth is, this has probably been planned out from the very beginning of the Hannah Montana fiasco. And that is exactly what it was, a fiasco, a show about a pure, innocent, and naive young girl who had a dual identity, one as the daughter of loving father Billy Ray Cyrus, former country music star, and the other as Hannah Montana, teen idol and pop star.

Good wholesome, all-American fun. But it seems to me that her subsequent debauchery has been mapped out from at least the age of fifteen (and probably from the beginning of her career). And the real truth of the matter is, she has been a willing participant in her own prostitution. And she is laughing all the way to the bank, believe me. And who the hell can blame her? While she is criticzed, the sickening Robin Thicke is hardly mentioned at all for his part in this debacle, even though he is a grown man about twenty years her senior.  Unbelievably,, even Alan Thicke's mother criticized  not him, but Cyrus.

Of course, Miley does have her defenders, foremost among them being father Billy Ray, who expressed his unconditional love for her, explaining that she "would always be his little girl".

But now, remember, Miley happens to BE his little girl. To the rest of us, we need to start seeing her what she is, a grown woman. People who fear for their daughter's morals are actually loathe to face the idea that their little girls are going to grow up one day. They are going to date. They re going to make some mistakes.

They are going to fuck.

 All of this seems to be nothing more than an exercise by some parents looking for a way to exorcise their demons by using Miley Cyrus as a scapegoat And you have manipulative scoundrels and nut such as Piers Morgan playing it for all it is worth in ratings and advertising revenue. Nothing more, nothing less.. 

Yet, to be fair to her detractors, Miley would be well-advised to follow the advice of Sinead O'Connor, of all people, and stop prostituting herself.

That would be for the good of nobody but herself.

And by the way-yes, I would do her.