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Sunday, January 26, 2014


All you have to do is watch this speech by Allison Lundergan Grimes, Democratic Party candidate for US Senate seat from Kentucky, and you can see why the Republican Party is worried. This is especially true of Kentucky Senator and Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who is up for re-election this year, almost certainly against Grimes.

Does this lady have what it takes to unseat the incumbent McConnell. I think she does, frankly, so I think we all deserve to take a good, long look at the woman who might in time come to represent Kentucky for a good many years. The GOP is taking her so seriously that recently a NRSC staffer was summarily fired from his position for retweeting this photoshopped pic of Allison's face superimposed on the body of the so-called ObamaGirl.
The point of the pic, childish though it arguably is, is that she would be an "ObamaGirl" for a state where Obama has always been very unpopular. I suppose we can forgive the GOP for not having much of a sense of humor these days. Grimes has asserted that she would be an independent voice for Kentucky and has criticized such initiatives as the President's Affordable Care Act, and has come out as a solid supporter of guns (at least when it comes to hunting rights, though it's not clear how far beyond this her support for the Second Amendment goes. (If she's like almost every other Democrat, we can assume not very far). She has also been criticized for an alleged action by her father, former Kentucky State Democratic Party Chairmen (and former President Bill Clinton friend and confidant) Jerry Lundergan. The story goes that Lundergan, who lost his position in the party after he was convicted of profiting through his catering business and political connections, bribed a potential Democratic Party rival of Allison to drop out fo the race against her, sending word by way of a courier that Jerry "was good to his friends". Grimes and her campaign has vociferously denied the charges.

However, it is the prevailing wisdom among Democrats, nationally as well as statewide, that Jerry Lundergan could simultaneously be Allison's biggest asset as well as her biggest liability. After all, Grimes is a man who was put on trial for ethics violations and relinquished his chairmanship of the state Democratic Party at the request of then Kentucky Governor Wallace Wilkinson, whom he had helped elect. He also lost his Kentucky House seat over the affair, in which he was accused of profiting through his catering business and his political connections. It all ended in a mistrial, but one of Lundergans longtime childhood friends and supporters was later convicted of jury tampering.

 Despite all this, Democrats are standing behind Grimes, and seem poised to expend large sums of money for the purpose of unseating the hated Mitch McConnell and sending Grimes to Washington in his stead. This in fact is the overarching goal of both state and national Democrats, to the extent that even the three decade long rivalry between Jerry Lundergan and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has been put on hold, as Beshear has recently come out in solid support of Allison against McConnell. The Democrats are indeed smelling blood, as the injured McConnell seems to be at his lowest ebb of support in recent memory. If things hold true to form, then Allison Lundergan Grimes, a career lawyer with a two-year resume in Frankfort as Secretary of State, might well be on her to becoming a political giant slayer. And you don't get any more goddess-like than that.